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Trailer for Season Six and My Opinion

I think by now, many of us have seen the trailer for season six somewhere on the internet. I first saw it on Tumblr.

The season looks like it’ll be another great one. However, I have to say for once, I hate the casual outfits. Wait, let me restate that: I hate those plaid outfits! Okay, maybe that’s a little much, but I don’t like the “school uniform” look of the outfits or how the girls all look so alike. I guess that’s the end of individuality for the girls outside of transformations.

The outfits wear in their “dance number” scene aren’t much better to me. I guess the new outfit color scheme is pink and blue for everyone?

I like Selina (Selena? Serena?) already, although I kind of wish her eyes were green instead of brown. We already two or three brown-eyed blondes and her hair looks like it has a greenish tint to it. How many green-eyed characters are on this show, not counting Flora?

The transformation forms remind me a bit of gypsies. I’m not sure why. But the outfits look great and they don’t all seem to be near identical like Harmonix and Sirenix.

The air date, I believe, is set for September 29th and season five is set to continue on September 8th. Finally!

Happy B-Day to Stella

Today, our favorite sun fairy celebrates her birthday! I was on Tumblr in the early morning and followers of the “winx club” tag seemed to start celebrating at midnight. It was a short amount of time before the tag filled up with images of Stella.

To celebrate in my own way, I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures of Stella.

My Top Fave Outfits

I think it goes without saying that the Winx have a ton of outfits, especially if you count in the transformation ones. I think there are even some that haven’t been seen in the show and only in stock art.

I don’t think there’s any outfit I’ve ever disliked. Maybe I’ve thought one or more was a bit strange, but I eventually came to like it.

Here are my most favorite outfits for each girl.

Bloom’s evening dress from season four. It makes her look like a very cute young adult and that small, pink ribbon tied in the front looks like it was just to top it off.

Flora’s disco outfit from season three. I also love how her hair is styled for this outfit. She looks very pretty with her hair in a ponytailed braid. The pattern on her dress is also somewhat unique and her leggings match nicely.

Stella’s concert dress from season two. I especially love her accessory, that bow choker. This is one dress that looks better without tights beneath. It’s really a simple dress, but she pulls it off so nicely.

Musa’s dress for the dance in season one. This dress was probably the most unique outfit for a dance I’d ever seen in fiction and real life. I wish we could see her shoes, but I have little doubt she chose sneakers. And while I’ve never cared much about whether or not the girls have actual races or nationalities, that dress looks like it would be one of Asian culture.

Tecna’s casual outfit from season four. Somehow, this outfit makes her look a little sophisticated, almost like a businesswoman, which is fitting for Tecna. Rarely have I seen an outfit that puts the two together nicely.

Aisha’s cowgirl outfit from season four. I like her boots most. I think they fit with her outfit better than the other girls’ boots fit with theirs. I also like the style of her skirt: ruffles. I used to think pink wasn’t Aisha’s color, but her top goes nicely here, so I’m glad to say I was wrong.

Finally, Roxy’s frutti tutti outfit. I’m don’t remember if it was seen in the show or not, but I’m certain it’s an official outfit. I find it absolutely adorable and her hat is lovely. If it wasn’t in the show, I wish it had been. She flaunts the fruit theme well.

What are your favorite outfits?

Some News for Winx (and Mia and Me)


Is It Over For Icy?

“That did not just happen.”

Yes, Bloom. That did happen. Icy defended Tritannus. How many of us had about the same reaction?

Icy has had her fair share of crushes throughout the series. Darkar, Valtor. So it might not have been that surprising when she fell for Tritannus too. But one of the many complaints about season five has beent hat Icy has been acting too lovey-dovey (as “lovey-dovey” a witch can be anyway) for Tritannus. So much so that Darcy and Stormy have been pushed into the background.

What Icy did in “The Pillar of Light” took the cake. Before, Icy got over her crushes and admitted how stupid or silly liking the guy was. This time, she takes a severe hit for him!

And what does Tritannus do? He screams in rage and shatters the pillar of light. So Tritannus actually cared about Icy? Take that for whatever you will.

If Icy dies, this will be the show’s second major death. Not to mention at the hands of one of the heroes (sure, it was an accident, but for a second, it seemed like Bloom felt bad). Personally, I’m hoping Icy does live, but at the same time, I’m interested in how Darcy and Stormy would handle the death of their sister. After all, we have seen the Trix do care about each other, even if they won’t say it.

Sharing Poses

Did anyone ever notice how Bloom and Tecna shared the same pose in Believix?

Bloom's BelievixTecna's Believix

The only differences are their heads are turned oppositely and the hands on the hips (Bloom’s is inwards; Tecna’s is out). Otherwise, the pose looks exactly the same.

I saw the same with Harmonix. Look:

Bloom's HarmonixTecna's Harmonix

Exact same pose. I wonder why that is. Perhaps the artists/animators saved Tecna for last and couldn’t think of a new one? Maybe they did have a pose for Tecna, but scrapped it and gave her Bloom’s instead? Hmm.

Happy New Year!!

Winx New Year


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